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Reasons to choose assisted living for seniors

Assisted living represents one of the most recommended long-term care solutions for seniors, having countless benefits to offer. As residents, seniors benefit from an adapted living environment, specialized care, and limited healthcare. Elderly assisted living residents have access to targeted services and amenities, guaranteed to offer the best possible quality of life. Among other things, seniors receive assistance with the activities of daily living, such as eating, dressing, or bathing. Upon moving into a senior living community, seniors report an improved mindset, with a lower occurrence of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Assisted living centers offer adapted living units

As one gets older, it becomes increasingly difficult to live in your own home. You might require a more comfortable living environment, with specific features to support both your mental and physical health. Fortunately, assisted living communities offer adapted housing, allowing seniors to live in comfort and peace. These units have a home-like setting, with residents being allowed to bring personal possessions. They have supportive elements, such as rails and ramps, not to mention the bathrooms which are equipped with their own safety features. These might include non-slip mats and shower rails, destined to prevent common accidents, such as slipping and falling. Last, but not least, all the units have functional emergency response systems, which can be used in case of major health events.

Assisted living residents receive assistance with ADLs

Senior age brings a lot of challenges, including when it comes to everyday tasks. Despite their good health, many seniors find themselves in the position of needing assistance with common ADLs, such as grooming, dressing, bathing, eating, or moving. Depending on their level of independence and co-existing health issues, seniors might be assisted with several tasks or more. The staff might encourage to complete certain activities on their own or at least make an effort to participate. It is worth mentioning that most assisted living communities offer limited assistance with ADLs. The more assistance one requires, the higher the chances of being directed towards other long-term care solutions.

Assisted living communities offer support for seniors with special needs

Assisted living communities welcome seniors with special needs, going at extra lengths to help them overcome the challenges experienced. Seniors with physical disabilities benefit from mobility assistance and transfers, with their environment being adapted to their needs. They might be helped with ADLs, but also with personal hygiene, medication management, and the monitoring of chronic conditions. Fall prevention is also an important goal to be followed. Seniors with mental disabilities benefit from a wide range of therapies, including psychological counseling, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Seniors have access to social activities that encourage socialization, and their emotional health is constantly monitored.

Assited living residents can count on a wide array of general services

To make life easier, assisted living facilities offer seniors access to a wide range of general services. These are meant to improve the overall quality of life, but also to give them the feeling of being cared for, which adds to their emotional health. Even though there might be differences from one facility to the other, you can expect the list of general services to include some of the following: general maintenance, housekeeping, Internet and telephone access, meal planning and eating, errand running and shopping, laundry and linen service, medication administration. Additional services might be offered within each community of this kind, including diabetes testing, hygiene monitoring, and fall prevention. It is for the best to inquire about the available services before committing to any particular center.

Diverse amenities to guarantee a pleasant routine

As you might have already figured out, the amenities offered by assisted living communities are just as diverse as the available services. These are easily integrated into the daily routine, making life more pleasant, despite one's age-related challenges. Many of these amenities target physical health, with options such as indoor or outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, yoga studios, and fitness centers. Naturally, there are plenty of amenities meant to support mental health, including game and computer rooms, reading rooms or libraries, areas for shared or group activities. Regular trips are organized outside the campus, so that seniors do not feel isolated.

Seniors living in assisted living get the benefit of socialization

Many seniors live alone, dealing with social isolation. Unfortunately, many seniors might be suffering from mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. The decision to move into assisted living is a fortunate one, as it can offer a major benefit, meaning the one of socialization. Seniors can interact with like-minded individuals and take comfort in the value of shared experiences. Moreover, their daily routine includes plenty of group activities, so they never feel truly alone or isolated. As previously stated, seniors often report an improved mindset, acknowledging what a difference moving into assisted living has made. They are also allowed to receive regular visits from their loved ones, which is another benefit worth considering.

Staying close to one's family and friends

It can be difficult to make the transition towards assisted living, especially since it involves leaving both family and friends behind. However, once you are integrated as a resident, you are allowed to receive regular visits from your loved ones, as mentioned above. This ensures that seniors do not feel estranged, and it guarantees that they maintain the desired connection with those closest to their heart. Many assisted living communities organize special events for families and friends, with everyone having a good time. It might also be possible to take part together to certain therapy sessions, but it depends on each facility.

Assisted living centers offer limited healthcare to manage chronic conditions

As most seniors suffer from various chronic conditions, it should come as no surprise that assisted living communities offer limited healthcare. Keep in mind that such services are often available at extra cost, being provided by third parties. Seniors are encouraged to calculate their budget accordingly. A senior who suffers from diabetes might benefit from the regular testing of his/her blood sugar, along special dietary options, and treatment management. A trained nurse will administer the insulin shots, should these be necessary. Emergency care might be available in some facilities, embracing the basic geriatric principles. The facility in question will keep documentation of one's medical records, as these can offer valuable guidance whereas both the physical and mental health is concerned.

Safety, a top priority within assisted living communities

Seniors who live alone in their homes might face certain risks with regard to their health. There are a number of threats and hazards to consider, including burglaries, serious falls, and medication mishaps. On the other hand, assisted living communities offer a safe and secure living environment, with the staff going at great lengths to look after each and every resident. Common safety features include keyed entries with alarms, alert systems for emergencies, and 24/7 monitoring for seniors who are prone to confusion and wandering. The trained personnel offer assistance as needed, day or night, helping residents with their normal routine but also during emergency situations. Regular fire drills are organized, but it is worth pointing out that such communities do not accept seniors who might not be able to evacuate themselves in case of an emergency.

Assisted living residents get to enjoy healthy meals and snacks

From a certain age, it can be difficult to cook, not to mention stick to a healthy diet. Assisted living communities offer only healthy meals and snacks, prepared by experienced chefs. The meals are served in common areas, so that seniors can interact with one another. Depending on one's health, several dietary options might be available. For instance, seniors with diabetes can choose specific meals and snacks. The same goes for those who are not allowed to consume salt. Mealtime remains one of the best moments to socialize, allowing seniors to keep loneliness at a safe distance. All the meals guarantee a balanced nutrition, with adequate nourishment. In some communities, the living units are equipped with a kitchenette, allowing residents to take pleasure in the joy of cooking.

A campus with everything within easy reach

Aging might lead to mobility issues, which in turn will affect the daily functioning. While living on their own, seniors might have a hard time going to the grocery store, pharmacy, the bank. They are highly likely to depend on someone else, especially if the desired transportation is not available. Assisted living communities have a campus that often offers everything within easy reach. If the point of interest is not close by, they will offer scheduled transportation, so that every need is met. Seniors can thus reach local shopping centers, medical appointments, and anything else they might desire. As a result, mobility no longer represents a concern, with the senior in question finding assisted living to be quite an appealing option.

Saying goodbye to the stress of home ownership

Home ownership often presents itself with challenges, which can be difficult to handle in old age. First of all, a senior might struggle to handle physical tasks, such as shoveling the snow or cleaning fallen leaves. Moreover, emergencies can occur, such as power outages or various damages, adding to the already-existent burden. It can be time consuming to maintain a property, not to mention the associated costs. By moving into an assisted living community, the stress of home ownership disappears, and seniors have the possibility to occupy their time with more meaningful activities. The staff handles the maintenance part, and many seniors find themselves admitting that the decision to move was a good one.

ALFs provide adequate emotional support

Seniors might have a hard time adjusting to the aging process and the challenges it might bring. As their health begins to deteriorate and they might need more help with everyday tasks, they might also feel confused, scared, or even angry. It is clear that dealing with such feelings can be hard, especially when you are alone. While the decision to move from their home into assisted living can be difficult, it has many benefits to offer, including when it comes to the emotional support available. Knowing that they have people who care and look after them brings the necessary peace of mind, easing many of the discomforts experienced. Assisted living communities guarantee improved health and wellness, with seniors reporting a positive change whereas their emotional well-being is concerned.

Hygiene monitoring and assistance

Aging can make it difficult for seniors to maintain an adequate state of hygiene. Mobility issues, along other health issues, might lead to poor hygiene. Within assisted living communities, seniors benefit from hygiene monitoring, receiving help with bathing and grooming. As a result, cleanliness contributes to a better state of health and wellness. Seniors are helped with bathing when necessary, which means that the risk of accidents - such as slipping and falling - is genuinely reduced. Problems like infrequent bathing, messy hair, dirty nails, and body odor are eliminated from the start. The same goes for dirty laundry, as all the assisted living communities have a dedicated laundry and linen service.

Freedom of material possessions

Hoarding is one of the major risks associated with aging and it can lead to potential dangers, such as falling. Fire hazards are also possible, not to mention the health issues caused by unsanitary living conditions. Considering these downfalls, it makes sense to consider assisted living. Assisted living units are comfortable, and you are allowed to bring personal possessions, but hoarding is never a risk. While it might be difficult to leave everything behind, you have to think of the benefits. At some point, you are no longer collecting memories, just things that make your life more complicated.

Help with financial management

As aging is often associated with cognitive decline and concentration difficulties, it is worth pointing out that seniors might deal with financial mismanagement. They might have a hard time keeping up with their bills, not being able to handle online payments. Their debt might grow exponentially, with financial struggles offering an indication on the right time to move into assisted living. Within assisted living communities, seniors are also protected from potential financial scams, with specialized staff helping them as needed. Many communities offer financial guidance or management, providing sound advice whereas the retirement savings are concerned.

Compassionate care

Seniors feel less anxious and insecure when they benefit from compassionate care. Within the supportive environment of the assisted living community, they are helped by trained staff, people who make sure all their needs are met. Each resident receives the attention deserved, with the personnel taking the necessary measures to protect their rights and ensure their dignity. After the initial assessment, the staff develops personalized care plans for all the residents, with focus on both the needs and challenges experienced. These care plans are reviewed at regular intervals, in accordance with any health changes that might have occurred. It is essential to update the care plan, in order to make sure that the resident in question benefits from the appropriate level of care, with consideration to the current stage of aging. Thanks to the compassionate care, seniors are empowered to thrive and even pursue new passions, enjoying the everyday routine.

Fun, a point of focus

You might not expect for assisted living communities to be about fun, but the truth is that the staff working there often designs the daily routine to include stimulating activities. Residents are encouraged to take part in such fun activities, as this helps them age well and find value in daily living. The assisted part of living falls in the background and residents learn how to live without focusing on the challenging parts. As they have more fun, they also become more confident and carefree. The staff is always there to provide the necessary assistance, should that be necessary.

More free time

Once all the daily chores are handled by someone else, you will notice that you have a lot of free time on your hands. Assisted living communities make a point of helping their seniors enjoy the planned activities, encouraging them to explore new things and find their passion. Seniors can take delight in their preferred activities, such as reading, painting, or singing. They can find new hobbies or finally invest the desired time into a lifelong interest. The staff will help them in any direction that might be necessary, highlighting the benefits of assisted living. It is amazing to be able to do more of what you love.

Multidisciplinary approach to care

Assisted living communities offer a multidisciplinary approach to care, ensuring that seniors follow a healthy lifestyle in their golden years. Diverse specialists work together to ensure the current care and also offer preventative services, meant to reduce potential health complications. Aside from the initial assessment, residents are evaluated at regular intervals by the multidisciplinary team. This also ensure that any health changes are identified in a timely manner. The early diagnosis can make a genuine difference, ensuring the best possible treatment options.

Peace of mind for friends and family members

Before moving into assisted living, seniors are often cared for by family members or friends. With the passing of time, carers begin to feel burdened, considering alternative solutions such as assisted living. Once the transition is complete, both the senior and his/her loved ones feel at peace. They know the decision to move into an assisted living community was a good one, especially upon noticing how well their senior is cared for. They get to live in a home-like environment, with their needs being considered at all times. For seniors, the permanent contact with family and friends is a significant advantage, particularly since regular visits are allowed.

A wide array of therapies is available at assisted living centers

It often happens that seniors suffer from more than one chronic condition, requiring various therapies. Within assisted living communities, seniors have access to all the therapies they might need. This helps them keep their chronic conditions in check. Some of the most common options include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, etc. The specialists work on campus, helping seniors maintain the best possible state of health. It is worth mentioning, however, that these therapies are often available at extra cost, particularly when they are offered by third-party providers.

Assisted living centers offer group activities to keep boredom at a safe distance

As mentioned above, seniors benefit from group activities, which serve the main purpose of keeping boredom away. It is worth mentioning that many of these activities are organized together with the families and friends of residents, so they ensure a permanent connection. Additional social activities organized regularly include movie nights, book clubs, games, dancing programs, fitness classes, and field trips. Seniors have common areas where they can spend time together, doing whatever they want. They can also engage in volunteering activities, fostering a sense of connection with their local society. Seniors are motivated to join various clubs and meet like-minded people, forming new friendships and finding a renewed purpose in life.

An affordable long-term care solution

Compared to other long-term care solutions, such as retirement homes and nursing homes, assisted living is more affordable. As the main goal is to facilitate the independence of its residents, with focus on a comfortable routine, it should come as no surprise that the caregiving costs are lower. Seniors can check out the costs of each facility in advance, calculating their budget. They can also look at the other states offering such long-term care options, making sure they have found the best solution for their needs. Most facilities have a tiered pricing policy, so it is important to be aware of what each tier has to offer. Some have an all-inclusive pricing model, which means there are no additional costs to worry about.

There are plenty of reasons why seniors choose assisted living. In short, you will benefit from adapted room and board, healthy meal plans, specialized care, and assistance with ADLs. You will have access to various services and amenities, enjoying a pleasant daily routine. If you or your loved one needs assisted living, you can start looking at the facilities available in your area, extending your search gradually.

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